Waffles made out of oats, almond milk, spinach and vanilla protein powder. I paired them with vegan sausage, which had an unusual texture but good flavor • Red lentil dal over brown rice. I was excited to cook with new spices/ingredients for this recipe and it turned out great! Big hit with the Mr. • Tuna salad that I ate instead of free pizza at a work meeting (hooray me)


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One of my favorite dishes that meets all of the important criteria: healthy, easy, delicious & filling. Ladies and gents, the taco smash • Lemon marinated chicken and sweet pepper poppers • Uber dense pancakes made with a blend of oats, almond milk, an egg & vanilla protein powder. Nuke some frozen berries and you’ve got a great maple syrup substitute.


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 Cookies n cream quest bar • Brunch with a friend (after a 3.4 mile run/walk!) consisted of falafel, veggies and flatbread. Happy to say I didn’t finish it all, but sorry to say it made for a terrible pic! • Lemon marinated chicken and sweet pepper poppers. Such a special dish. The goat cheese mixture comes out a little when you cut the peppers, but it goes so well with the chicken too!


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Refreshing and flavorful Thai veggie quinoa bowl • The new s’mores flavor quest bar 😍 • Lentil spinach soup and half an avocado


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Kale, sweet potato and mushroom scramble topped with a fried egg. My egg frying skills need a lotta work, but ’twas a tasty meal anyhow • Chicken, herbed goat cheese, butternut squash and beet salad with a balsamic vinaigrette • Lentil spinach soup • BBQ flavored pop chips


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Rolled oats mixed with chia seeds, topped with 1/2 of a banana, blueberries and cinnamon. The other banana half got some peanut butter on it before it went down the hatch 😎 • Open faced turkey/mustard sandwich on whole grain, carrots, cucumber & olives • Turkey burger, steamed broccoli and sautéed spinach with a side of Benson


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Spaghetti squash, tomato sauce, ground beef & mushrooms • Turkey, tomato, cucumber & tzatziki on whole grain bread with a side of baby carrots • Pork chops breaded in a mixture of almond flour, cumin, mustard powder, s&p with a side of sauteed spinach

*Full disclosure: I traded in my carrots for a cookie today, but burnt 233 calories on the treadmill so calling that mistake a wash.


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Hey hey hey, ho ho ho. Happy New Year and all that jazz. I spent the last part of 2014 in California visiting family and eating like it was going out of style. When I thought about setting healthy eating habits for this year, I considered paleo and Whole30 and even veganism for a hot minute. What I knew all along I’ve determined is it’s all about balance. Cutting out any food group is not in my best interest for the long haul. So breakfast was nontraditional today and featured white bean vegetable soup with a slice of whole grain toast. Lunch was an egg and veggie scramble with hot sauce and kale chips on the side. Dinner was a turkey burger salad with a vinaigrette I made out of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, minced garlic, s&p.


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Applegate hotdog, steamed green beans, deviled egg and a pickle • Hawaiian meatloaf and baby carrots. That meatloaf might not look like much, but ermahgerd go make it NOW! It is so delightful and packs tons of veggies. I think the crushed pineapple and BBQ sauce really take it up a notch! • Vegetable soup • Not pictured: a handful of caramel popcorn we got as a Christmas gift. I need it out of my house!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/0e7/61180024/files/2014/12/img_4508.jpgI didn’t get much sleep last night, so it was a miracle when I woke up on time for my first class at Orange Theory Fitness. I was nervous about it because it’s high intensity, and it was definitely a challenge, but one that I found very doable. When I came home, I took a bath and passed out for a good 3 hours. That is how good of a workout it was!:)


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Applegate hotdog, pickle, deviled egg & crackers. There is butternut squash in the pic, but it went to the dog. I’m starting to find roasted veggies intolerable unless they’re fresh out tha oven • Fruit chips and hazelnut butter • Vegetable soup


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