Whole30, (Un)Healthy Habits, And Other Ramblings.

I generally have positive feelings about the Whole30 program. When I talk to people about it, I share how good my body felt after eating so healthy. In the end, I had no cravings and didn’t even want junk food (no small feat for this sugar junkie). Of course, there is the weight loss aspect too. Damn it feels good to get on a scale and see a 7 lb loss. I was wrapping up my spiel to a young lady I met recently who has also been on a fitness/weight loss journey and she stopped me in my tracks with one simple question.

“How much weight did you put back on after it was over?”


No one has ever asked that, but it is a telling question. One that only a seasoned fighter would ask. Both times I’ve done Whole30, I put the weight back on that I lost and then some. Truly, I have never seen my weight yo-yo so drastically. Old habits die hard. You may learn how to lose weight in 30 days, but you certainly don’t learn how to set up a successful long term plan for yourself with the foods you’ve been avoiding. On some level, I indulge now more than I ever did before because, hey, I can fix it in 30 short days if I need to. That is quite the opposite of a success story.

I read something the other day – “Create a diet you don’t have to escape from”. That’s what I’m gonna do by initially combining W30 and paleo principles and when I feel ready, incorporating certain foods only sparingly. This will be the hard part, but things like bread, sugar and alcohol aren’t doing me any favors when they’re on the regular rotation. There is no specific timeframe. No celebration that I reached a certain day and can therefore relax. Instead, I want to practice mindfulness so well that it becomes a permanent habit.

Daily meal updates are coming back to the blog starting tomorrow, end date unknown. Thanks for following along if you’re still reading. Some people have their diet game on point, but this girl has some work to do. The kind that lasts longer than 30 days.


About Lauren

Welcome to my Healthy Eating blog, where I post stuff I've made that is both nutritious and delicious. I also use this blog to document Whole30's. Take a look around - hope you enjoy!
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