Round 2 Day 20

Brunch: the last of the compliant bacon with roasted sweet potato discs and avocado mashed up with lime juice, salt & pepper. So good and filling. Dinner: smorgasbord of meat and veggies. I now know some of the meat wasn’t 100% compliant, but I’m not sweatin it. If it ain’t W30 approved, at least it’s paleo. Snack: unpictured apple chips and a lemon chia bar, which was pretty darn tasty!


Holy schnikes. If today is day 20, that means I’m 66.7% done with this thang. I’m ready. How ready you say? So ready that I’ve already planned out each reintroduction day including: legumes, non-gluten grains, dairy and gluten grains. Breakfast is the meal that requires the most tweaking after this is over. I’m up to my ears in eggs and need something new. Looking forward to switching it up with gluten free oats and protein smoothies.

About Lauren

Welcome to my Healthy Eating blog, where I post stuff I've made that is both nutritious and delicious. I also use this blog to document Whole30's. Take a look around - hope you enjoy!
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