Day 17


Breakfast: egg and peppers with apple and almond butter. Bennie dog finished what I didn’t. Lunch: chicken, sweet potato (with some spicy brown mustard – yum!) and broccoli. Dinner: seared ahi tuna (omg amaze balls) with tomato and avocado. Unpictured snack: coconut wrap with 1/2banana & almond butter.

Confession: After the coconut wrap snack I experimented with mixing a small portion of almond butter with warmed up coconut butter. OMG. That is a delicious way to  make sure I don’t lose any more weight! It is soooo good. In fact, that’s all these guys sell and I’m sure they’re making a killing.

Something interesting happened today. My hubs, without being asked to, found and purchased Whole30 compliant cashews. A) These aren’t easy to find and B) This is the same person who thought oatmeal would be okay to have the first week. Literally no idea what he was getting into. P.S. He also refused pizza at work today. So proud ❤️

Also, food nightmares dreams are back 😑 Last night I dined on a bacon cheese biscuit and I’m pretty sure there were brownies or something chocolatey in there too. Of course I was doing Whole30 in the dream, so resolved to add a few days to it to make up for the one I screwed up on. Oh, brain. You are truly wicked. I ain’t messin this up! Day 17, over n out.


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Welcome to my Healthy Eating blog, where I post stuff I've made that is both nutritious and delicious. I also use this blog to document Whole30's. Take a look around - hope you enjoy!
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  1. Yumm!!! Your pictures make me hungry!


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