Day 12


Breakfast: egg & olive scramble with sweet potato latkes and half a banana. The latkes are another item I found on Instagram and they were pretty good! See below. Lunch: leftover homemade sausage, sweet pepper, carrots and apple w/almond butter. Dog and hubs ate what I didn’t. Dinner: grilled chicken (using one of my favorite marinades) with zucchini, peppers and pineapple. I would hereby like to declare Sunday “Do what you can with what’s leftover” day.

Meal prep update: Today I made 3# of pulled pork in the crockpot, 2# of Italian meatballs, and roasted butternut squash. Yay  me.

Cravings update: Stick a grilled cheese in my face? Meh. A fully loaded burrito? No thanks. Big bowl of delicious pasta? I’ll pass. Carrot cake? GIMME! 😍😍😍 Sugar is a hell of a drug. Another reason Whole30 was and still is so necessary.

Speaking of sugar, I dare you to find some bacon without added sugar in it. Tried to get some at Kroger today and even the “natural” brands couldn’t hang. Will continue the search at Fresh Market and Whole Foods until I find some…



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Welcome to my Healthy Eating blog, where I post stuff I've made that is both nutritious and delicious. I also use this blog to document Whole30's. Take a look around - hope you enjoy!
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One Response to Day 12

  1. lougenefaas says:

    I hear ya about the bacon!! I had to get mine at the farmer’s market. The thing that frustrates me the most is that ALL deli meat has sugar except Proscciuto, which I don’t particularly care for (or can afford). I know in the States you can get Applegate Deli meat but we don’t get them here 😦 You are doing great!


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