Day 11


Breakfast: homemade sausage with egg&veggie scramble. The picture is actually James’ breakfast. I substituted the 2nd sausage with an almond butter&banana coconut wrap. Those things are just too good, which probably means I need to lay off for a few days. Lunch: well, it was supposed to be chicken avocado salad with carrots. We went hiking and then to the gym for a weight lifting session so we were famished and short on time – chicken was still partially frozen anyway. So I heated up leftover veggies with a hardboiled egg and avocado. Also snacked on some freeze dried strawberries and bananas in the car. Dinner: bunless burger, grilled veggies and kombucha. I do not especially like kombucha, but when all you drink is water, any flavor at all becomes a luxury. Also tried some coconut-rolled dates. Everything was fine and dandy until I looked at the calorie count. Holy crap. Sign me up for the treadmill tomorrow!

Found that I didn’t have a lot of patience today and I’m not sure how much of it is due to Whole30. Two workouts to make up for skipped ones earlier in the week wiped me out. It can be stressful on the weekends, wanting to go out and do stuff but feeling confined to our house for cooking needs. We had dinner with a friend and her kids tonight, which was fun. I reallllly wanted to partake in hummus and crackers, but I ate those darned coconut dates as an appetizer instead.

Evil coconut dates:


Picture from hiking – check out Midtown Atlanta in the background:


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