Round 2 Day 19

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, baby dills, a super sweet apple, and a larabar. Side note: finding compliant pickles is just as hard as finding compliant bacon. But I love them so it’s worth it 🙌 Lunch: coconut dates, salami, beets, brussel sprouts and pineapple. Some of this isn’t pictured because it was oog-ly lookin 😼 Dinner: joined friends for din before a movie so opted for a bunless burger patty with unpictured plantain chips20140725-221003-79803037.jpg

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Round 2 Day 18

Breakfast: leftover chili. Lunch: chicken veggie stir fry with carrots, broccoli, zucchini and water chestnuts. The sauce is simply coconut aminos, which is a soy sauce alternative (and an expensive one at that- sheesh!). Dinner: pesto roasted cod and brussel sprouts. Unsweetened applesauce for a snack.20140724-185110-67870616.jpg

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Round 2 Day 17

Breakfast: chicken with greek dressing, tomato, cucumber and love beets. The dressing tied everything together and was particularly awesome with the beets. Lunch: turkey burger with tahini, sweet pepper and spinach. I was unenthused about this meal until I combined a warm turkey bite with a cool pepper bite. Pretty good and especially with the tahini flavor boost. Dinner: meaty chili topped with sliced banana pepper and avocado. This was goooood, yo. Left the cocoa out because I’m not a fan of that flavor in savory dishes. Applesauce for a snack.20140723-193126-70286879.jpg

Some of you savvy WordPressers may have noticed there was no post for Day 16 yesterday. That’s because it was a huge fail and not worth a dang thang. I subbed nuts and fruit for nutritious meals twice. Although it’s not technically cheating, it’s also not what this program is about. Had to re-think some things before setting my intention for today.

On a happier note, I’m finally noticing bloat subside. Man that feels good. Not hopeful for significant weight loss this time since I haven’t been exercising as much, but feeling in control of your body is just about as good as it gets.

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Round 2 Halfway Mark!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, watermelon and 1/2 an avocado. How long does it take for freshly scrambled eggs to get cold? Exactly as much time as it takes for me to get to work 😑 Lunch: chicken cauliflower rice leftovers. Dinner: pesto-topped spaghetti squash and a soon-to-be overripe banana. Larabar and an unpictured Whole Foods protein bar for a snack.20140721-194817-71297330.jpg

Probably overdid it on fruit & nuts today, but I’d rather celebrate that I’m 2 weeks down with only 2 more to go! Yeah!

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Round 2 Day 14

Breakfast: cauliflower chicken fried rice. Didn’t have mushrooms on hand, so used broccoli instead. Felt like this recipe lacked something- maybe ginger? Will have to experiment a bit more. Lunch: salad, avocado, fruit and unpictured tomato + half a sausage. This was a decidedly random mix of stuff I could have at an outdoor barbecue for my sisters graduation. Lots of social events this weekend, but unlike round 1, I went to them all (and had a good time nonetheless). Dinner: tuna on a roasted sweet potato with red onion, tomato and ranch. Cashew butter as a snack. Weekend #2 of Whole30 done! Glad to be rid of temptations.


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Round 2 Day 13

Pre-workout/breakfast: cashew cookie larabar (one of my most favoritest flavors). Worked off most of this on the treadmill đŸ’Ș Lunch: roasted sweet potato stuffed with tuna, red onion, salsa verde and ranch. Dinner: hotdogs and steamed green beans.


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Round 2 Day 12

Breakfast: apple with almond butter and a hardboiled egg to go. I should use that little container every time I want some almond butter- it polices portion control way better than a spoon 😁 Lunch: turkey burger with tahini, broccoli and cauliflower. Left my mustard at home which is a mistake never to be repeated *shudders* On the plus side, tahini is the hummus of the whole30 world and was quite satisfying. Dinner: 2 grilled mustard covered hotdogs, carrots with a guac/salsa verde hybrid, and fruit salad. Coconut dates and cashew butter for a snack. The lighting was pretty bad in some of these pics, but it was a tasty day!20140718-225359-82439913.jpg

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Round 2 Day 11

Breakfast: mustard covered hotdogs with creamy coleslaw and pickles. This was a salty, tangy breakfast — so much so that I didn’t put a dent in the slaw. Ate some applesauce instead. Lunch: Got my butt in the gym today so fueled back up with a hardboiled egg, sweet potato and grapes. Dinner: turkey burger with tahini, broccoli and cauliflower. No snacking woohoo!20140717-194259-70979219.jpg

Last night an Instagrammer posted about white potatoes being recently added to the “safe” list for Whole30. I couldn’t believe it, but it’s true (as long as you don’t turn them into a fry or a chip). Can’t remember the last time I had a white potato, so won’t be adding them back, but it’s cool to see the program evolving.

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Round 2 Day 10

Breakfast: sweet potato/red onion/sweet pepper scramble with grapes. Lunch: leftover buffalo chicken covered with a hardboiled egg, carrots and pickles. Had lunch with a friend and this is what I brought to avoid the hassle of ordering out. He had Chipotle while I dreamt of what I could get at Chipotle on my non-gluten grains reintroduction day (brown rice and corn, anyone?) Dinner: chile lime chicken burger with green beans and fresh ranch. Almond butter for a snack.20140716-183348-66828754.jpg

It seems surreal that I’m on Day 10. The days are going fast and my body is not responding quite as well to round 2. Bloat keeps resurfacing and I’m trying to eliminate the sources of it like carbonated beverages and salt. Feeling a little frustrated. I did this to feel better and am still waiting to get to 100%. Maybe it will take a few more days or weeks. I really screwed my gut up with processed foods prior to round 2 👎😕

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Round 2 Day 9

Breakfast: burger, tomato and a hardboiled egg. Lunch: Trader Joe’s chili lime chicken burger, pickles and steamed green beans. I’ve been wanting to try those chicken burgers out and they were pretty darn good. Dinner: buffalo chicken salad with carrots, tomato, red onion and ranch. I’ve got some fresh chives on hand, so you can bet another round of that ranch dressing is coming soon 😎 Snack: fruit bar and some unpictured coconut dates. Ok…and a few licks of almond butter. I’m having cravings all of a sudden if ya know what I’m sayin.20140715-185822-68302577.jpg

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