Pumpkin cream chicken casserole – on the fence about whether I want to make this again. I like how the pumpkin tasted with the chicken, so will probably modify it • Renola with almond milk • Tuna salad (made with homemade mayo) with spinach and cherry tomatoes on the side • Larabar and sweet potato chipsIMG_4352.JPG

I recently discovered that I’m hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. My first thought was, “AHHHHHH!!!!!” Then, being an obsessive planner, I became excited to meal plan and spruce up the house a bit decor-wise. I’m keeping all my food contributions as healthy as possible since I hate that overstuffed, tired feeling that’s so common during holiday eating. One week countdown begins now…

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Applegate hotdogs, broccoli & cauliflower • Chicken sausage and roasted butternut squash. I used a lot of mustard today per usual, but definitely need to research a clean barbecue sauce • Pork chop (seasoned with almond flour, mustard powder, cumin, s&p) and roasted asparagus — no picture of this sadly. I took one with my nice camera and only after eating dinner realized the memory card wasn’t in there 😩 In any case, the pork chop seasoning was spot on • LarabarIMG_4317.JPG

Last Saturday and Sunday were spent with family and inevitably led to straying from the W30 aspect of what I’m doing. I’m not upset about it (even if my jeans did fit a smidgeon tighter this morning). If I can keep it super clean Mon-Fri and relax a bit on the weekends, I’m doing great. Here’s to another good week!

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Took a page from my pal Deanna and had some dill seasoned cauliflower topped with tuna, olive oil and olives. Not really my cup of tea, but I can still appreciate a protein-heavy, filling breakfast! • Spent the day doing volunteer landscaping, so lunch was a combination of whatever I could find in my car (larabar & vegetable chips) and stuff once I made it home (applegate hotdog & broccoli) • Chili and cornbread • Pork rinds – I know, so gross, right? Except they’re delicious. Empty bag because I split them with 3 people 🙊

Side note that I did have some sweets today. Weekends should be for relaxing a bit so I’m not sweating it at all. Going right back to 100% clean eating Monday 😊


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Chicken, beet and broccoli with some homemade ranch on the side • Leftover Shepherd’s pie (healthy comfort food–be still my heart) • Lazy dinner of champions: chicken apple sausage and applesauce • Freeze-dried fruit and macadamia nuts


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Pork chop and sweet potato – yup, the pork chop was still terrible, but I tried to eat some of it because I hate throwing food away that much. Added in some fruit chips • Macadamia nuts, vegetable chips and a larabar • Shepherd’s pie on the fly. I used ground beef, kale, carrot & mushroom for the base and added a cauliflower mash on top. Sooo good!


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Turkey & ham rollup with sliced apple • Pork chop and sweet potato discs. I cannot stress enough how important it is that food tastes good when you’re on a restricted diet. Not blaming the recipe, I actually think I overcooked the chops *single tear* • Chicken, beet, tomato, avocado and cucumber bowl with greek dressing • Larabar and veggie chipsIMG_4274.JPG

Today I did some volunteer work for Toys for Tots, sorting and packaging donated toys. Three hours later I was starving and staring down a protein bar in their break room that had a little too much sugar and chocolate in it. I seriously thought about stopping the whole30 aspect of what I’m doing, but decided against it. I may stop soon, but it’s not going to be for a processed food item!

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Turkey burger with a dollop of tahini, carrot, zucchini & beet. Maybe one of the least photogenic meals I’ve ever made, but got the job done • Coconut crusted chicken salad with homemade ranch • Bad judgment call: I had freeze-fried fruit, almond butter and macadamia nuts as a meal instead of what was planned 😁 They started out as snacks and then I wasn’t hungry anymore.IMG_4263.JPG

Just goes to show ya how much work I have ahead of me. Today is day 10 since I started trying to be more mindful of what I eat by at least initially using Whole30 guidelines. Next stop paleo, but not quite ready for it yet.

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Turkey burger with a dollop of tahini, hardboiled egg & broccoli (kinda gross that it has a few bites missing, but girl was hungry!) • Coconut chicken salad with homemade ranch — so good! • Turkey & ham rollup with homemade mayo, mustard & tomato. Made me wonder why anyone ever put bread on either side, although provolone was missed • Larabar & freeze-dried fruit


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My most favorite on-the-go snack plus some almond butter • Potato & onion frittata  • Burger and broccoli • The last of the vegetable soupIMG_4244.JPG

I spent about two hours today meal prepping and, after all was said and done, had 12 meals to split between me and the hubs. Feels great. Need to make that a Sunday habit!

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Pre-workout snack: 1/2 a larabar. Lunch: Spanish tortilla (fancy way of saying potato & onion frittata) with marinara sauce. Dinner: beef burger and tomato. Snacks while out shopping included the rest of the larabar, fruit chips and a banana.IMG_4233.JPG

Speaking of workouts, I’ve only had 2 of them since I started this mini-whole30 thingy last Sunday. I walked the dog for an hour earlier in the week, no problem there. But today doing legs, back and cardio made me feel like a chump. It will get better over time, but energy levels are a little off right now. My pants are fitting better already though. You win some, you lose some eh?

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