9/8: Week in Eats

Pork, broccoli and sweet pepper stir fry. I added brown rice to the leftovers and it was muy bueno!IMG_4123.PNG

Rolled oats cooked with egg whites, almond extract and salt. I put frozen berries in with the hot oatmeal and by the time I got to work, they were perfectly thawed. This was my first time trying rolled oats and they were a tougher texture than I expected. Might cook em a little longer next time.IMG_4117.JPG

I threw some carrots, onions and potatoes in the crockpot with leftover beef broth in the hopes of creating a decent side of veggies. It worked!IMG_4121.JPG

Asian meatballs with steamed green beans. Must have been in a hurry to eat these because blur! Threw some mustard on top and it was just delicious. Then again, is ground beef ever not delicious? It is like my spirit protein. A helpful hint if you decide to make this- when she says mince the sweet potato, really mince them small! The smaller pieces are tender and the chunkier ones are not as cooked.IMG_4122.PNG

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8/25: Week in Eats

Salisbury steak and steamed green beans. I cannot say enough good things about this. The meat and the sauce come together to form a most perfect marriage. Definitely putting this recipe into the regular rotation!IMG_4080.JPG

Tuna salad with broccoli fritters and a dollop of ranch. Had to make some substitutions with the fritters because I didn’t have all the ingredients on hand. I found the texture a little odd, but the hubby really liked them. The tuna was mixed with mayo, spicy mustard, sriracha, salt, pepper and diced radishes. Good stuff if you like a little kick!IMG_4081.JPG

Spaghetti gone paleo. Always love this dish! Had to cook the squash at 400 for 40 minutes to get it nice n tender. I do find it hilarious the contrast between the first two pics and this one. Blame fluorescent work lighting and an iPhone camera! 😛IMG_4074.JPG

This meal is your standard end-of-the-week fridge roulette concoction. Applegate hotdog and steamed broccoli with raw carrots and green pepper on the side.IMG_4090.JPG

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8/18: Week in Eats

Keema and cauliflower rice. This was pretty good, but I would definitely add either more meat or a chunky vegetable next time. The ratio of tomatoes and onions to everything else was a little awkward.SONY DSC

Coconut crusted chicken with cucumber, tomato, carrots and dee-licious homemade ranchSONY DSC

Chia pudding (I sliced bananas on top but they’re much better blended in as the recipe prescribes) with frozen blueberries. This is so good that I have to make small batches at a time so I don’t eat too much! 😳IMG_4065.JPG

Now for my “Meals on the Go” edition:

I scored some free Chipotle this week because they mixed my order up with someone else’s. This is barbacoa with brown rice, corn salsa, veggies and pico de gallo. I missed the cheese and sour cream, but was happy to not feel overly stuffed or bloated afterward.IMG_4061.PNG

Today I was running around doing various errands, so ended up grabbing tuna salad with a bit of pasta salad and grapes at Kroger.


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Day 30 is here!

Breakfast: applegate hotdog with sweet potato and broccoli. Lunch: tahini-topped turkey burger and broccauli (see what I did there?) A lot of the healthy eating blogs I follow would suggest frozen veggies -like the ones pictured for lunch- are just as good as fresh ones. Nutritionally maybe, but you cannot deny the flavor advantage of fresh veggies. They have a better aesthetic too – the broccoli at breakfast was fresh as a comparison. Dinner: leftover lemon chicken and an uber ripe peach. Almond butter and apple chips for a snack.20140805-191704-69424918.jpg

Ooh wee I am absolutely ecstatic to be at the tail end of Day 30! This round went by super fast (a little less fast on the weekends) and did not feel quite as difficult as the first round back in March. Lost the constant bloat and proved to myself that I can do challenging things by taking it one day at a time and staying persistent. I’m going to keep eating “clean” for the next week and then I’ll start posting reintroduction meals. Excited to figure out what works and create a solid game plan for the future!

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Round 2 Day 29

Breakfast: lemon chicken, carrots, radish, strawberries and a delicious unpictured peach. Marinated the chicken overnight and it was fantastic! Lunch: leftover curry veggies. Dinner: I was supposed to have a big salad, but just wasn’t feeling it. Ended up with a turkey burger (topped with tahini), apple slices and 1/4 of an avocado. Almond butter and applesauce for a snack.20140804-174501-63901968.jpg

Treadmill check in:


One more day! I GOT THIS.


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Round 2 Day 28

Breakfast: two hardboiled eggs and butternut squash leftovers. Ended up eating half the squash and dipping the eggs in warm marinara sauce for more flavor 👍 I just started purchasing pastured eggs and I’ll be damned if Whole Foods isn’t the only store around me offering A) pastured eggs B) <– from a variety of farms. You go, Whole Foods. By the way, there are numerous benefits to switching to pastured eggs – educate yo’ self. Lunch: turkey burger, green beans and an unpictured spoonful of almond butter. My mustard art was questionable today. Dinner: channeled my inner vegetarian (she doesn’t come out much) with a veggie curry featuring sweet potato, cauliflower, zucchini and broccoli with avocado on top. The sauce is taken from this recipe and is the best curry I’ve ever tried. Unsweetened applesauce for a snack.20140803-182723-66443264.jpg

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Round 2 Day 27

Breakfast: burger patty with a sweet pepper, zucchini and onion scramble. Can we all just take a second to appreciate my exquisite mustard art? It makes eating so much more entertaining. Lunch: the rest of the chia pudding with a spoonful of the most wonderful almond butter there ever was. Odd choice for lunch perhaps, but it felt just right after a workout. Dinner: turkey burger, green beans and unpictured plantain chips.20140802-175135-64295259.jpg

Treadmill check in:


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Round 2 Day 26

Breakfast: chia pudding with frozen blueberries. Lunch: butternut squash leftovers, hardboiled eggs and a wee bit o’ ranch– thus proving for the 198th time that ranch makes everything better. And freshly hardboiled eggs eaten while they’re still warm? Delightful. Dinner: burger patty with a sweet pepper, zucchini and onion scramble. Plantain chips for a snack.


Today marks the beginning of my last weekend on W30! Seems crazy there’s only 4 full days left (although I’ll be continuing with it for a few days afterward). Reintroduction kicks off on my birthday – the 12th – with non-gluten grains. Excited to post the reintro meals and figure out which foods to add back in.

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Round 2 Day 25

Breakfast: meaty marinara sauce over steamed broccoli & cauliflower. So good and hearty. I prefer the chunky veggies as the base instead of spaghetti squash. Lunch: plantain chips and leftover chia pudding topped with frozen blueberries to get some antioxidants make it look more purty. Again, this is almost too good. I find it hard to stop eating once I’ve started. Something about the overripe bananas and cinnamon — it all comes together so well. Dinner: butternut squash gratin and a creamy cauliflower sauce. I’ve been wanting to make that squash recipe for some time now and it was aight. Probably used a bit too much nutmeg. I was supposed to cook up some chicken as well, but wasn’t hungry enough to eat it!20140731-191021-69021476.jpg

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Round 2 Day 24

Breakfast: Terra chips with deviled eggs. Lunch: mustard with a side of hotdog, green beans and sweet taters 😂 Dinner: more terra chips, a larabar and chia pudding. Should have planned for a mid-afternoon snack-  I was frickin starving when I got off work and settled on non-ideal items. The chia pudding was fantastic though, definitely making it again. Suck it oatmeal! (I’ll include a picture of it when it’s properly plated and not in an ugly tupperware container)20140730-185649-68209058.jpg

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